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The iconic Aviator game at 1win

Aviator at 1Win

Among the huge number of games that are offered to online casino visitors, 1win Aviator is very popular. This entertainment is fundamentally different from a variety of table games and slots. An exciting game allows participants to get a unique feeling of excitement and excitement, giving the opportunity to win with good odds.

This unusual game appeared in 2019, immediately winning millions of fans around the world. This contributed to further development, which led to the renewal of Aviator as early as 2021. Players are attracted by the original strategy of the game, as well as its non-standard interface, which allows you to diversify emotions.

How to play 1win Aviator

It was impossible not to include the popular 1win Aviator platform in the arsenal of games, which gives many new experiences to the players.

Regular users can start the game by logging into the platform using standard methods: using a login and password, or through social networks and making a deposit. And for newcomers to 1win, the simple registration process of any of the options will allow you to feel the adrenaline from flying with Aviator and enjoy other games:

  • using a mobile phone number;
  • through social networks;
  • using an email address;
  • in one click.

After registration, you will be able to make a deposit and discover new sensations from the game. 1win is a certified platform, so the prerequisite for registration is the age of majority.

The ability to play Aviator on 1win is offered both from the desktop version of the official website and from the mobile version. You can also download it to mobile devices.

1win Aviator rules

The developers of Aviator managed to combine simplicity and creativity in the principle of the game, which became the reason for success. The main rules are the following sequence of actions:

  1. Place a bet.
  2. Follow the flight of the aircraft.
  3. Press the «Cash out» button in time.

The player is given the opportunity to make two bets at once, which is not offered by most other games. Thus, the possible gain increases and the risks of losing are reduced.

The main heat of passion in 1win Aviator occurs during the flight of the aircraft. At this time, the winning ratio is continuously increasing. The player’s task is to use his inner feelings and luck to press the «Cash Out» button before the plane leaves the screen’s field of view. The most interesting thing is that the moment of departure is unpredictable — it suddenly comes in the interval from 5 to 30 seconds. The longer this moment drags on, the higher the probability of the maximum coefficient.

The presence of the auto-cashout function in 1win Aviator allows you to set a coefficient in advance, upon reaching which the system will automatically close the bet and withdraw funds.

Beginners can try the 1win Aviator game in demo mode, understanding the principle and not risking money. However, the truly exciting experience can be obtained by placing a bet and earning the first win.

In the left part of the game window, you can view the statistics of Aviator players for the selected period of time. A chat button with players is available in the upper right corner to discuss current issues, as well as express emotions. An additional convenience of 1win Aviator is the ability to open it in full screen.

Bonuses in the game Aviator from 1win

For those who want to increase their 1win Aviator winnings, various bonuses are offered. Using them, you can get even more pleasant gaming experience. The assortment of bonuses is constantly changing, but the following are encountered with the greatest regularity:

  • Rain Promo can be found randomly while scrolling through the chat of the game and can be obtained by clicking on the «Select» button.
  • Avia race is a tournament consisting of a series of games. For victories, additional bonuses are awarded, which can be exchanged for real money.
  • Bonus up to 500% can be obtained with a promo code. Such codes are posted on thematic sites or forums.
  • Free bets are also offered in the chat at the same time to all players or only randomly selected by the system.

The latest 1win Aviator bonus option is especially convenient for those who want to play without risking their own finances.

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Aviator 1win Strategy for Success

The Aviator game on the 1win site gained great popularity due to its unpredictability, which causes delight and increases adrenaline to the limit. However, there are certain strategies to increase your success in 1win Aviator:

  • newbies can start with a demo to get comfortable;
  • participate in the maximum number of bonus programs;
  • start betting at low odds;
  • use the function of creating two rates at the same time.

By putting these tips into practice, you will definitely improve your results with 1win Aviator, which will bring you a unique gaming experience. We wish you a good game and success with 1win Aviator!

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