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Exciting game Aviator on the site 1xBet

Aviator at 1xBet

Modern online casinos offer their visitors thousands of games for every taste that can satisfy the wishes of the most sophisticated players. A special level of emotion can be felt when playing Aviator at 1xBet. This entertainment is unlike anything else and causes the level of adrenaline to go off scale among its participants.

Aviator is popular all over the world due to its uniqueness. The game allows you to hit a good jackpot and experience unique emotions, distracting from everyday problems. The 1xBet company simply could not help but include it in its gaming arsenal to please its users. The reason for the popularity is the unpredictability of the aircraft movement and the absolute simplicity of the game.

aviator 1xbet

Aviator 1xBet interface and rules

The Aviator interface is not typical for gambling, which attracts users even more. The main active object is an airplane, smoothly hovering across the game screen and gaining altitude. As the plane takes off, the odds of the bet change, which players watch with excitement. The participant’s task is to press the «Cash out» button in time to fix the coefficient. You need to do this at the maximum value until the plane has flown away.

The most exciting thing is the unexpectedness of the moment of a sharp takeoff of the plane, which can happen at any second. On the one hand, players want to wait until the coefficient rises to the limit, and on the other hand, there is a fear of not having time to press the coveted button at all.

In addition to the main window, the Aviator interface at 1xBet is equipped with the following useful options:

  • view statistics of previous games;
  • Chat for communication with other Aviator players, which also periodically hosts draws from 1xBet;
  • the possibility of making two bets at the same time before starting the game of Aviator, which increases the chances of winning;
  • Participation in an Avia race tournament consisting of a series of rounds.

All these tools effectively complement Aviator 1xBet, allowing players to use different tactics to increase the chance of winning.

How to start playing Aviator 1xBet

Most regular 1xBet customers are familiar with Aviator and often spend time there. And those gamblers who have not yet discovered this game for themselves will be able to do this by logging into the platform in their usual way, that is, through social networks or by entering a login and password.

For those who want to join the game with 1xBet for the first time, in order to fully use all the benefits, you need to go through a simple registration procedure, which consists of the following steps:

  1. Select one of the proposed registration methods.
  2. Select game currency.
  3. Create a username and password.
  4. If available, enter a promotional code to receive additional bonuses.

After registration, beginners will be able to fully participate in all games, including Aviator 1xBet, by logging in in the usual way from any device.

For those who would like to understand the rules of the game first, there is an opportunity to try the demo version of Aviator 1xBet. It’s convenient to get used to the interface without risking your own finances.

You can play comfortably in Aviator 1xBet both on a desktop PC and in an adapted mobile version of the official 1xBet website. In addition, it is possible to download the aviator to your mobile device.

1xBet Aviator Bonuses

Bonuses for Aviator 1xBet help to enhance the feeling of the game, by receiving which you can significantly increase the amount of winnings. 1xBet offers its visitors the following options for additional rewards:

  • welcome bonus upon registration;
  • encouragement when entering a promotional code;
  • Rain Promo and company free bets suddenly popping up in online chat;
  • bonuses for the winners of the Avia race tournament, which consists of a series of rounds.

By participating in these programs and playing for money, attentive players can significantly increase their deposit, as well as receive additional tempting offers.

Life hacks to increase the chances of success in Aviator 1xBet

The developers of the game have done everything possible to prevent any possibility of predictability of its events. However, there are ways that can increase the chances of winning or at least reduce the likelihood of losing:

  • before you play for money, you should practice in the demo version;
  • don’t bet large amounts at the beginning of the game, gradually increasing the size of the winnings;
  • make two bets of different sizes at once, so that the operation of one overlaps the possibility of a fiasco of the other;
  • Use the Martingale strategy.

The essence of the latter method is to make bets that cover previous losses, and in case of winning, repeat them.

Statistics show that most players who play a measured game succeed in it. We wish you a good experience with Aviator at 1xBet and stable winnings!

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