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Advantages and rules of the game Aviator in Pin Up casino

Aviator at Pin Up

Each gambler has his own set of favorite games, the rules of which he has studied thoroughly. But now there is an opportunity to test your courage on a new slot in Pin Up — Aviator. The development won the hearts of gambling lovers. The principle of the game is based on the operation of a random number generator, but the amount of winnings depends on the endurance and reaction speed of the player himself.

What is Aviator in Pin Up

The online game Aviator in Pin Up is stylized to give the player the feeling of flying an airplane. Bets are placed before the start of the round, after which the random number generator is turned on, which determines the maximum odds in this round.

After launching the Aviator game in the Pin Up casino, the plane starts its launch with a coefficient of 1.0, gradually gaining momentum. The player can at any time press the «Stop» button to stop the game and get the winnings multiplied by the odds drawn.

aviator pin up

The pitfall of the slot is the ability to stop the plane at any time when all bets are burned out. The flight time cannot be foreseen and predicted, since Pin Up club specialists cannot influence the operation of the random number generator on a certified slot. The end of the game can come both at the mark of 2 and at the coefficient of 16.

Preparing for the game Aviator in Pin Up

To be able to start playing Pin Up at Aviator, you need to register and deposit money. This is a must if you want to win. And to practice, the game is available in a demo version.

The algorithm of actions to start the game consists of four points:

  1. Login on the official website of the Pin Up casino.
  2. Deposit funds using one of the suggested deposit options.
  3. Select the Aviator section.
  4. Place a bet.

After completing these simple steps, you can start playing.

The design and purpose of the game Aviator

The design of Pin Up Aviator is made in the style of the eighties. On a black background, a runway stands out, on which a red airliner is located. On the betting panel, located on the left side of the screen, you can see the results of other players participating in this round.

Gambler acts as a pilot. The gain is determined by the height to which the pilot has the courage to raise his car. This indicator will be multiplied by the previously placed bet.

However, courage in the game Aviator, according to reviews, should be combined with a reasonable approach. After all, the slot independently chooses the peak height, where the bets of players who do not have time to press the end button are burned.

Pin-Up Aviator Benefits

Among the main advantages of Pin Up Aviator it is worth highlighting:

  • speed of getting results;
  • clear rules;
  • ease of slot management;
  • excitement;
  • Possibility to make minimum bets.

Separately, it is worth highlighting the opportunity to apply logical thinking in Pin Up Aviator, and not depend only on the whims of the machine. To do this, it is necessary to conduct a statistical analysis of published data on the results of other players and draw appropriate conclusions. Also in this game, you can apply certain strategies that are legal in the Pin-up casino, or chat on the forum with experienced gamblers.

Pin Up Aviator Strategies

The use of any of the proposed strategies in Aviator Pin Up makes it possible to increase the probability of winning, since it is impossible to predict the outcome of each round. Here are some examples.

Games with low odds help to win. Experienced players are advised to pacify greed, preferring to place more bets with odds of 1.5-3. In total, this will bring a more significant result, as it will reduce the number of losses.

The Martingale strategy is preferred by members of the PinUp club who have a large deposit. Its essence is to increase the bet after a loss and minimize the amount after each win.

There are also general rules that any self-respecting gamer must follow. The main ones are:

  • do not play while intoxicated;
  • pause in order to calm down and not succumb to blind excitement;
  • Bet only within the amount that you can spend without damaging your own budget.

And most importantly, we should not forget that Pin Up Aviator is just a game. Therefore, it should be treated as entertainment, and not as a source of the main income.

Bonuses in the game Aviator Pin Up

Players receive the first welcome bonuses after completing the registration procedure. Further, by selecting Pin Up Aviator, the gambler receives a promotional code.

The casino management constantly encourages its customers by providing bonuses for holidays and personal dates. Each visitor can count on a gift for his birthday or the date of joining the club. Therefore, you should definitely try to play Aviator at Pin Up casino — the winnings are quite real.

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