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Aviator game strategies and recommendations for those who want to win

In 2022, the Aviator simulator is recognized as one of the most popular crash games for money due to the simplicity of the rules and the high percentage of wins. Aviator is suitable for beginner gamblers and players who have tried all more or less profitable slot machines. An important condition for making a good profit is the right Aviator strategy. A gambler can use several methods in different rounds of the game for money.

What determines the winnings: Aviator strategy and not only

The game Aviator is not particularly difficult. The gambler makes a bet and watches the flight of the airplane across the playing field. At a certain point in the flight, before the plane takes off, you need to have time to withdraw money (buy back the bet), otherwise the deposit will burn out. The amount of winnings depends on the multipliers (coefficients), the size of the wagered amount and the correct choice of strategy. The main success factor is the multiplier, the height of which determines the amount of winnings.

aviator strategy

Online gambling strategies are bet execution schemes designed and tested by gambling professionals. Techniques are used in the calculation of each round to minimize financial losses. A correctly chosen Aviator strategy allows you to win even with a small game deposit.

It is not excluded that this or that strategy of the Aviator can be chosen incorrectly. But this is no reason to deny yourself the pleasure. Experienced gamblers recommend testing Aviator strategies in demo mode in order to choose the most profitable version.

The number and quality of participants in the game affect the possibility of receiving a win and the amount that will eventually go to the game deposit. Experienced users recommend tracking the actions of leaders (participants who win more often than others or receive large sums). You can find out the history of the gameplay in a special section, where you can also find:

  • his story;
  • amounts wagered;
  • frequency of wins, etc.

Based on the analysis, you can calculate which tactics turned out to be the most profitable. The demo mode will help you learn how to control the game budget and your own emotions, which often become an obstacle between participants and winnings.

Popular Aviator Strategies

There are different strategies for playing Aviator in terms of risk, efficiency and complexity. The most popular strategies for Aviator are as follows.

Aviator strategy with minimal risks

The biggest advantage of which is the ability to reduce the number of losses. Playing on the minimum multipliers allows you to increase the balance, after which you can start placing larger bets. The minimum multipliers are 1.20-1.21.

High-Risk Method

Provides the opportunity to receive a one-time solid payment. Multipliers from 100 appear on average every 90 minutes. The high-risk Aviator strategy will work if you find out from the history when the result of x100 was the last time, and start actively betting after 90 minutes.

Aviator moderate risk strategy

It consists in the fact that it is necessary to catch the moment of the appearance of multipliers 2-3. Such values drop out on average in 40 cases out of a hundred. If good odds have not come across for a long time, you should not rush with bets.

Two Bets

The Aviator strategy with two simultaneous bets is successful if the gambler concentrates on the gameplay. This Aviator strategy is implemented by connecting an automatic bet for the first round and an automatic cashout with a coefficient of 1.2. The second one should be played according to the strategy of moderate risk. If you choose x40 multiplier for one bet, and x100 for the second, the money will be distributed correctly, and the chances of high odds will increase significantly.

Game for doubling

It provides for an increase in each round of the previous bet twice while reducing the coefficient by x0.2. This Aviator strategy allows you to save your deposit and get a lot of fun from the game.

If the listed tactics do not inspire confidence in winning, it is quite possible that you will like the Aviator mathematical strategy (considered one of the most profitable). The tactic is that for one round they bet 1% of the deposit with cashing out money when the plane reaches 1.5. If the plane did not reach 1.5, you need to bet so much more on the next round so that you can win back the previous minus.


The Aviator game is attractive for its unpredictability. The result of the rounds is influenced by many factors, including the number of participants, so it is impossible to be 100% sure of the result. To win, you need to know how to play correctly and be able to distribute the game budget. Register on the site of a reliable licensed online casino and try to win. You may be able to break a decent jackpot on the Aviator slot machine.

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